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    a great price, and a fast and clean service. Extension tiled v. neatly and very happy with the job. Fully recommended.

    wetjets mike

    I just called ABC Roofers upon a reference from my Post Lady and received the warmest response and customer service ever in my almost 2 year stay in B...

    Samuel Okpattah

    Obviously, this company neither needs the work, nor do they have the respect to contact a customer. They gave me a decent proposal, but decided that...

    This dynamic duo, if you will, were fast, efficient and were very interested in keeping the area and house neat and clean. They did a fast, effective...

    Marcus Holloway

    The guys from Capello Roofing Sacramento just finished replacing my next door neighbor's roof and it looks beautiful! They were nice and got the job d...

    Julie Gallaher

    they replaced my shingle roof at my home in October 2007 and did a great job!

    Phyllis Barzdins

    Even if you are just doing the research I would suggest making a call to Abco as they are more than willing to offer advice and support without any he...

    Paul Wilson

    These guys do great work! They did a great job on our roof and when it was damaged later on by a tree removal company they came right over and repair...

    Branden Zimmerman

    I used Element Smart Roofing to repair my leaking roof. They were prompt, affordable and knowledgeable. They saved me time and money and were thorou...

    Ted Sindell

    Professional, honest, thourough, 10 year warranty just on workmanship, best price, best work.

    Common Roofing Problems to Look For

    There are a wide variety of roofing troubles and calamities that can take place on your asphalt shingle roof without making a roof leak. But you can bet that these roofing problems are sure to cost you a fortune in repairs the longer you wait. Look for these roofing troubles once a month to prevent costly future roof repairs. If you discover any of these problems, call us today and we’ll send our team of professional roof repair trouble shooters to your home or business for a no obligation inspection and estimate.

    • Missing or broken shingles can slowly rot away roofing materials every time it rains
    • Loose satellite dishes are sure to cause an emergency roof repair
    • Bent or loose ridge ventilation can obstruct attic ventilation and cause shingle damages
    • Cracked, split or peeling sealants are sure signals that a roofing repair is going to be necessary soon
    • Damaged soffit, fascia or drip edge can cause water to enter the structure and appear as a roof leak
    • Corroded flashings leave telltale signs of dark stains and rust
    • Fogging skylight or window panes may mean that a roofing leak has already taken place
    • Evidence of wood fungus, black mold or musty mildew means water has entered the structure and needs immediate attention before a roof leak can happen
    • Improper attic ventilation makes shingles prematurely age, become brittle and break
    • Overflowing gutters are commonly the cause of many roof leaks
    • When ice dams form in winter, they can cause serious roofing problems and are commonly caused by poor attic ventilation
    • Rusting roof valleys should be repaired right away by a professional roofing contractor
    • Odd discolorations and heavy staining may mean metal flashings are past their prime and needs to be repaired
    • Roof pipe problems can be hard to diagnose and should be checked by your roofers to ensure all the sealants and lead boots are intact

    Hiring the Best Roofing Contractor for the Job

    Getting the longest lifespan out of your roof repair or roof replacement project starts with hiring the right roofing contractor for the job. Whether you have a minor shingle repair project or you need a complete roof replacement, making sure you hire a licensed, insured and experienced roofer is in your best interests to ensuring your shingle repairs last. When you hire a quality roofer for your project, you can make certain that all materials are installed according to Virginia state building codes and roofing industry standards, so your shingle repairs last as long as possible. Look for the following qualities in your future roofer and you can bet that they are going to do the best job possible to making certain your roof repairs last:

    • Up to date roofing license
    • Workers compensation and liability insured
    • Plenty of experience
    • A long list of past satisfied customers
    • Same day services
    • Good credentials from a roofing manufacturer
    • Guarantees on repair work
    • Complete roofing inspection before placing a bid

    If you’re looking for these quality signs in your future roofing contractor, you can bet that you’re going to get a quality job, and all roofing manufacturers’ instructions and building codes are met or exceed the standards. Call Roofrepair.link today and you can bet we meet all of these expectations and so much more. We’ll provide you with an onsite, detailed bid complete with photos of any roofing troubles we find right now. So what are you waiting for? Call us today and be roof leak free tomorrow.