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Gisborne Roof & Maintenance Service
  • Address:22 Waterson Rd, Gisborne VIC 3437, Australia
  • Phone: +61 3 5428 4129
  • Zip Code:3437
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Fortisky Roofing
  • Address:18 Prince St, Gisborne VIC 3437, Australia
  • Phone: +61 425 318 636
  • Zip Code:3437
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In some cases, black mold growth has been so extreme, it was cheaper to demolish the entire structure and rebuild from scratch, than it was to remove the black mold problem. That’s why it’s so important to keep roofing costs down by finding and repairing minor problems before they have a chance to become major roofing troubles. With these tips and techniques for keeping roof repair costs to a minimum, you can be sure that your next roof repair won’t be as costly as you think.

Our team of roof leak trouble shooters are certain to find and repair all of your roofing troubles the same day—guaranteed. We treat all roofing problems like an emergency and we know that roof leaks that are left “as is” can add unnecessary costs to the bill.

Even if minor damages are present and a roof leak hasn’t happened as of yet, it’s a good idea to tackle the problem long before rain or snow have a chance to enter the structure. While these minor repairs might not seem like a big deal and you feel you can wait for repairs, you couldn’t be more wrong. Once a penetration has been made through the roofing membrane, moisture can enter the structure easily as warm air seeps out of the leak and mixes with cooler outside air. Condensation can occur and create a roof leak, even if it’s not raining.