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Charlebois Roofing Ltd. - Residential Roofing Repairs and Construction in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  • Address:801 Avenue L S, Saskatoon, SK S7M 2H9, Canada
  • Phone: +1 306-262-1532
  • Zip Code:S7M 2H9
5 reviews
Haid Roofing Ltd
  • Address:153 Jessop Ave, Saskatoon, SK S7N 1Y3, Canada
  • Phone: +1 306-374-6364
  • Zip Code:S7N 1Y3
5 reviews
Madge Roofing Inc.
  • Address:1303 Fletcher Rd, Saskatoon, SK S7M 5H5, Canada
  • Phone: +1 306-717-2818
  • Zip Code:S7M 5H5
5 reviews
Clark Roofing (1964) Ltd
  • Address:842 59 St E, Saskatoon, SK S7K 5Z6, Canada
  • Phone: +1 306-652-9811
  • Zip Code:S7K 5Z6
1 reviews
Great Canadian Roofing & Siding
  • Address:615 Haskamp St #3, Saskatoon, SK S7L 6C7, Canada
  • Phone: +1 306-380-7068
  • Zip Code:S7L 6C7
5 reviews
Little Rainbow Roofing & Exteriors Inc
  • Address:920 20th St W, Saskatoon, SK S7M 0Y4, Canada
  • Phone: +1 306-382-4884
  • Zip Code:S7M 0Y4
5 reviews
Scott Roofing Inc
  • Address:835 c 60 St E, Saskatoon, SK S7K 5X7, Canada
  • Phone: +1 306-384-7663
  • Zip Code:S7K 5X7
5 reviews
Grenier Bros Roofing & Sheet Metal Ltd
  • Address:1526 16 St W, Saskatoon, SK S7M 1G1, Canada
  • Phone: +1 306-665-7787
  • Zip Code:S7M 1G1
4 reviews
Cactus Roofing Ltd
  • Address:3050 Millar Ave # 5, Saskatoon, SK S7K 5X9, Canada
  • Phone: +1 306-477-5526
  • Zip Code:S7K 5X9
5 reviews
Flynn Canada Ltd. - Saskatoon
  • Address:134 Faithfull Crescent, Saskatoon, SK S7K 8H8, Canada
  • Phone: +1 306-242-5909
  • Zip Code:S7K 8H8
5 reviews
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Make Certain a Complete Roofing Inspection takes Place - A roof inspection is much more than just a quick look at the shingles or using a garden hose to find a roof leak. It involves inspecting every aspect of your roofing system to pinpoint hidden roofing concerns and stopping roof leaks now—as well as prevent future roof leaks to come. Many roof companies will want to have a complete roof replacement done to your Saskatoon, Saskatchewan roof. While a complete replacement is sometimes necessary; it’s not always the case. Many times, small and more cost effective roof repairs can be made to prevent roof leaks and extend the lifespan of your existing shingle roof. Be sure that your roofers look at more than just the shingles. An experienced roof leak trouble shooter will look for damaged soffit, fascia, drip edge and roof flashings as well as chimneys, skylights plumbing pipes and ridge ventilation to ensure roof leaks are cured for good. Windows, doors and gutter systems can sometimes harbor roof leak woes as well and should be inspected along with the rest of the roofing system to make certain that all of your now and future roof leaks are kept at bay.

Pinpoint Roofing Troubles First

To get the most savings out of your repair or roof replacement, it’s in your best interests to perform a roofing inspection at least twice a year to prevent more severe roofing problems from costing you’re a fortune further down the road. Preventing serious roofing problems from happening in the first place is easy. While tornados and other shingle damaging weather problems are going to cause a roof leak whether you like it or not, most roofing troubles can be prevented with a twice a year roofing inspection.

Regular Roofing Inspections Prevent Roof Leaks

If you notice any of these roofing troubles; don’t let small roofing problems turn into huge roofing catastrophes. Call a professional roof leak trouble shooter now before unintended roof leaks have a chance to take place.

When a roof leak happens, you can bet that it’s going to do more than just leave a stain on your ceiling and carpet. Roof leaks allow water to enter attic spaces, instantly ruining insulation R-value, destroying most building materials that get in its way and worst of all-create wood rotting fungus, musty mildew and dangerous black mold within just a few days. That’s why it can’t be stressed enough that once a roof leak starts, it’s imperative that you repair the damages right away before more serious problems have a chance to occur. But more often than not, it’s too late once a roof leak starts to prevent trouble from brewing behind walls and in hidden attic locations. So what do you do to keep roof leaks from happening to your Saskatoon home or business in the first place?

Preventing Roof Leaks before They Start

Once you’ve stopped the roof leak, it’s important that you keep more roof leaks from taking place. Keep an eye out for potential problems like the ones listed above and be sure to keep leaf debris and branches off of your asphalt shingle roof and out of gutters. Never use harsh abrasives, snow shovels or pressure washing on your shingles as this can easily cause more roof leaks than it prevents. It’s also a good idea to keep trees trimmed back from the structure at least six feet. When swaying branches blown by the wind rub against shingles; it’s a roof leak waiting to take place.