Christopherson Construction & Roofing

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Christopherson Construction & Roofing
  • Country: USA
  • State: Iowa
  • City: Arnolds Park
  • Address: 1007 Julia St, Okoboji, IA 51355, USA
  • Phone: +1 712-240-0353
1 review(s)
Cassie Taylor
They have not done any work for us personally but I would never call them. A man showed up at our neighbor's home, knocked on the door, they weren't home. So he backs up the driveway, drops his tailgate, gets up on it and starts lifting the shingles up. I asked him if he was sure he was at the right house because they just had their roof done last year. He said yeah he was color matching shingles for the roof across the street. (He pointed to the house across the street which had their roof done recently by a different company). I asked if he had permission from the neighbors to be on their property and he ignored me. He was very arrogant. He left shingles lifted and left. They came to do the roof across the street from our home not the one he had said he was color matching for. Neighbors shingles are brown. The shingles they put on the roof they were doing are grey. Regardless, he didn't have permission to be on our neighbor's property. Our neighbors were furious, as they have every right to be. While they did work across the street, the guys driving the trucks (same guy in one and employees in the other), almost hit both our vehicles. One was on the street and the other on our driveway. The arrogant man glared at me when I went to get our one car off the street. After they left, we found nails in our driveway (they were working across the street) and on the street from the job they worked. Why would we have nails half way up our driveway when they were working across the street? I emailed the company on the listed email to inform them of the incident at the neighbors house and still haven't heard anything. I would not recommend anyone hire this company. Very arrogant and unprofessional.
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