DSM Roofing LLC

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DSM Roofing LLC
  • Country: USA
  • State: Florida
  • City: Astor
  • Address: 2428, 56107 Hyacinth Rd, Astor, FL 32102, USA
  • Phone: +1 352-759-9925
1 review(s)
bruce glueck
I contacted DSM Roofing (Dave Fletcher owner)in May of 2016 about a leak in my metal roof. He came out a few weeks later and walked around my 4th floor widow's watch and attached porch. At this point he told me I needed to pull up all the tile and replace the subflooring an flashing on the porch and retile. (cost $3,000.00) I did as told using a subcontractor he recommended, only to find out this was not the problem. The next time it rained the roof was still leaking just as much. I called Dave back again (several calls before getting him on the phone) and told him the roof was still leaking, again it took him weeks to come over and look at the roof. Which again he did from standing the 4th floor porch. At this time he told me he would be back with his crew to get on the roof and find the leak. Again weeks went by with no phone or visit from him. I even call one day when it was raining inside my master bedroom so he could come by and look in the crawl space to see if he could follow the water back to the leak. Said be there this afternoon, NO SHOW! Again more months went by with me calling trying to get him to call me back or come over. Finally he showed up and put a temporary patch on the roof and told me he needed to order parts to fix it and it would take about two week. Three months later and several more unanswered phone calls the roof is still leaking and there is no sign of Dave Fletcher (DSM Roofing). Today 7/20/18 I called again and Dave's wife answered the phone. I told here my sad story and she told me she would have him call me. Amazingly he called. At this time he told me it would be several more months before he could come out and do the work. I asked for a reference to other roofers and he gave me Bone Dry Roofing and Mason Dixon Roofing. I and now in the processing of getting quotes from these two companies. This is such a shame, Dave is a neighbor here in Astor and I thought it would be nice to give him the job and keep the money in our community. Please don't waste your time contacting DSM Roofing. Bruce
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