Comer Roofing

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Comer Roofing
  • Country: USA
  • State: Florida
  • City: De Leon Springs
  • Address: 4476 US-17, DeLand, FL 32720, USA
  • Phone: +1 386-738-5224
5 review(s)
Ken Kiest
Comer Roofing is absolutely the worst roofing company in Deland. Mr. Dennis Comer has nothing but excuses for the poor craftsmanship that he and his roofers do. My roof has shingles that are not adhered to the drip edge. And 5 out of 7 corners on my roof are not even secured to the drip edge, they are gaped and one of the corners has such a large gap that squirrels have started hiding nuts in my roof. Mr. Dennis Comer has given me nothing but excuses and has even said that it is an architectural problem with the way the roof was installed when the house was built. Mr. Dennis Comer had my roof down to bare wood and did not even mention that my roof had an architectural problem.. (By the way, my roof DOES NOT have an architectural problem) I had to call Mr. Dennis Comer to my home on several occasions after the installation, because I found rooting wood that his roofers did not remove and replace with new wood. Before I signed the contract with Dennis Comer, I showed him all the places I was concerned with. One place in particular was in the front of my home over my Living Room, it had a very noticeable sag and was quite large. Well, after the roof was finished, that particular part of the roof was sagging in just as bad as before; he did not even fix or replace the aging wood. I had to have him come back and remove the new shingles and replace the old wood with new wood, so that the large section would no longer sag. At the beginning of the roof installation I specifically told Mr. Dennis Comer to replace all the wood that was damage by water and any wood that looked or smells like it has the beings of damage, I said replace it. Just one bad experience after another with Comer Roofing. The roof he installed is only 11 months old. At the completion of the roof I called with my concerns as to why the shingles in some places were not adhering to the roof. Mr. Dennis Comer stated, “that it would take the heat of the summer to make them lay flat” and that I should allow the heat of the summer to fix the problem. It is now November 2018 and the problem remains. My roof was installed in late December of 2017. I called Comer Roofing recently and left 2 messages on their 24-hour emergency phone line to have Mr. Dennis Comer return to my home and begin the repair of all the shortcomings. Well it has been 3 days and not a word from Comer Roofing. Dennis Comer's roofing team also damaged several parts of my new gutters. DO NOT USE COMER ROOFING. You will be totally disappointed in the craftsmanship and the lack of support after the work is done. I have given 1 star in Lieu of the fact that I do have a roof on my home. Customer Service at Comer Roofing is a hit or miss if you are calling them with concerns or shortcomings..
Avo Laido
Owner came and looked at my roof. Had issues with a solar install and needed a second opinion. They were quick to respond
Ellen Lee
I am so very disappointed with Comer Roofing. Yes they did a great job on the roof replacement, but their follow up on paperwork is deplorable. Three months ago I asked for a paid in full invoice and a copy of my guarantee and have never received either. And they were two weeks behind in their installation. They have forced me to demand the above mentioned items or I will be forced to file a complaint against their contractors license. Not a way to run a business.
Sheldon Kelley
The roof went on fine after a few months wait. I have a few concerns and they WILL NOT return any calls or emails. This does not leave me hopeful that if there is a considerable problem in the future that they will be of any help.
Jeremiah Smith
I worked for them.there honest hard working men all if them even down to the owner.
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