Boulerice Roofing & Supply Inc

Reviews: 5
Boulerice Roofing & Supply Inc
  • Country: USA
  • State: Florida
  • City: Homosassa Springs
  • Address: 6735 S Lewdingar Dr, Homosassa, FL 34446, USA
  • Phone: +1 352-628-5079
5 review(s)
Stacy Dunn
We used them 18 years ago. Our roof is still awesome. Great family company. Helped us in a pinch and did a beautiful job on a tough roof. Any questions they will always come to your aid.
Lee Ashley
Under contract for new roof and eavedrip . After roof was completed there was no new eavedrip installed. Job would have been so much nicer with new eavedrip. Now looking for someone to come install new eavedrip. Should not have paid this contractor until eavedrip was replaced. My Mistake!!
Rynita Cochrane
My client had her roof done in 2016 with this company. She was satisfied with the roof itself and guys who put the roof on. 3 yrs later she is ready to sell her home and discovers the Inspection was not closed out. She contacted the roofing company to assist with getting it resolved. For 2 weeks they kept saying waiting on Permit office to call them back. Mind you they NEVER updated my client or me we had to keep calling them. Last call I made asked to speak to a manager and right off the bat she came on the phone being SUPER RUDE AND AGGRESSIVE. The entire conversation the manager/bookkeeper Ms. Bouderice had the ULTIMATE worst attitude and customer service. The roofers may do a wonderful job but management left a bad taste in my mouth. Repeat and Referrals are the bread and butter of a business. Maybe next time she wants to be rude she will consider the way the same day the problem was resolved via my client having to physically go to the Permit office because we needed to meet a deadline. Make sure u choose a company that cares about their customers after they have been paid not just while they are doing the service for them. Customer service is very important. I would NOT say don't do business with this company just beware u could have a similar ecperience in the area of customer service.
Pam Vampran
they are here at my house now. We have waited 8 months to get them but worth the wait. Crew is professional. There is no loud music and no profanity. Guys barely took a lunch break they are working so hard. Robert has stopped and ask questions. Very polite
Ann Neville
We were told a new roof would be installed in August or September. It is now February 28!! I finally went to the office after NEVER getting a call back. Now I am told they will send me a bill for$2000! for cancellation of contract. THEY NEVER CALLED ME BACK, THEY NEVER KEPT ME UPDATED!! THEY are now relying on their PAST reputation.
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