Frequently asked roofing questions

Does my asphalt roof have to be removed before installing a metal roofing system?

In most cases the removal of your asphalt roofing is unnecessary. Considering the weight of our metal roofing system is 1/3 the weight of a conventional asphalt roof, it`s most efficient to install it directly over your shingles. This saves time and keeps the mess to a minimum while also preventing any damage that might occur if a storm were to happen during the tear-off. In fact, installing over your old roof is preferable due to the increase in insulative properties that both layers provide. You`ll also be saving landfill space by not having to dispose of your old shingles.

Are there budget plans available for purchasing and installing a new metal roof?

Price can`t be an issue when it comes to protecting your home and family. That`s why we`ve come up with numerous options to make your new metal roof fit your budget, including 100% financing options. With a wide variety of payment terms and lending options, we`ll take the time to craft an affordable financing plan designed just for you. We also take all major credit cards, further expanding your choices.