Pukekohe roofing contractors in Auckland

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Counties Manukau Roofing
  • Address:11 Adams Dr, Pukekohe 2120, New Zealand
  • Phone: +64 9-238 0085
  • Zip Code:2120
No reviews
Auckland Metal Roofing and Cladding Limited
  • Address:6 Crosbie Rd, Pukekohe 2120, New Zealand
  • Phone: +64 800 218 830
  • Zip Code:2120
No reviews
Vista Roofing Ltd
  • Address:Collie Rd, Pukekohe 2120, New Zealand
  • Phone: +64 21 285 0508
  • Zip Code:2120
1 reviews
SpicknSpan Eco Cleaning Pukekohe
  • Address:18 Ray Wright Rd, Pukekohe 2120, New Zealand
  • Phone: +64 210 227 9003
  • Zip Code:2120
5 reviews
Roofers in Auckland
  • Address:6 Crosbie Rd, Pukekohe 2340, New Zealand
  • Phone: +64 800 115 366
  • Zip Code:2340
No reviews
Roof Rehab Ltd
  • Address:7G Tobin St, Pukekohe 2120, New Zealand
  • Phone: +64 274 770 947
  • Zip Code:2120
No reviews
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Roofing Maintenance Checklist

  • Remove all leaf debris
  • Cut branches back from the roof and walls six feet
  • Clean gutters and downspouts
  • Seal windows and doors
  • Clean debris from soffit and fascia with broom
  • Keep vines and other landscaping materials away from the home
  • Prevent animal infestation by securing all soffit ventilation and closing all holes
  • Ensure satellite dishes are attached properly

Keep Landscaping Maintained

One of the easiest things home and business owners can do to protect their roofing investment from unnecessary damages is by keeping an eye on landscaping materials around the structure. Trees that overhang the structure are often at risk for damaging shingle roofing materials. Once wind and strong storms blow through the your area, you can be sure that a tree branch or two are going to damage roofs that are in close proximity. But more often than not, it’s not the strong winds that do the most damages, it’s the weak winds that do.

Hiring the Right Roofing Contractor in your Area

With over 40 years of leak finding experience, six consecutive years as the top rated roof repair expert in the nation by Sears/Diamond Exteriors and thousands of happy and satisfied customers across the entire Auckland area, you can be sure roofrepair.link

Basic Maintenance

It’s a good idea to keep a monthly roofing maintenance schedule plan in place to prevent minor problems from turning into huge roofing disasters. Roof leaks regularly occur due to neglect and poor maintenance. If you keep an eye on your roofing problems and make sure you keep up with the following tasks regularly, you can easily prevent many of the calamities that befall an asphalt shingle roof and that make an early roof replacement necessary. Look for the following roofing troubles today and deal with them now to prevent future roofing problems later.

Prevent Emergency Roof Repairs Before they Start

That’s why it’s so important to find the right roofing contractor for the job. When you ensure that your roof system is in tip top shape through roofing inspections, with a yearly maintenance plan and the occasional roof repair, you can prevent costly roofing problems and even a complete roof replacement. While an asphalt shingle roof replacement is recommended about every 15 years, with the right roofers to help you keep your existing roof in the best shape possible, you can extend that life up to 25 years or more.