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Morrisey Construction LLC- Roofing Service Hartford Connecticut
  • Address:115 Park Ave, Hartford, CT 06108, USA
  • Phone: +1 860-659-7029
  • Zip Code:06108
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Levesque Acoustical Ceiling
  • Address:135 Naubuc Ave, East Hartford, CT 06118, USA
  • Phone: +1 860-568-4488
  • Zip Code:06118
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H Rosado Construction Co
  • Address:37 Charles St, East Hartford, CT 06108, USA
  • Phone: +1 860-655-1574
  • Zip Code:06108
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Roofing Maintenance Checklist

  • Remove all leaf debris
  • Cut branches back from the roof and walls six feet
  • Clean gutters and downspouts
  • Seal windows and doors
  • Clean debris from soffit and fascia with broom
  • Keep vines and other landscaping materials away from the home
  • Prevent animal infestation by securing all soffit ventilation and closing all holes
  • Ensure satellite dishes are attached properly

Roof Leaks can be Hazardous to your Wallet Too

Not only can these leaky roof threats be smelly, dangerous and deadly, they can also be very expensive to replace. In some extreme cases, water penetration through a roof leak can cause so much damage that it would be cheaper just to demolish the structure and rebuild the entire building than it would be to remove and replace the black mold, fungus and mildew damages. Don’t let mold, mildew or fungus become an issue in your home; call us now or fill out the information form in the upper right hand corner of your screen and we’ll send our team of roof repair trouble shooters to find and fix any roofing troubles the same day. We’ll provide you with a thorough roofing inspection, complete with an email of a detailed description of roofing trouble areas and digital photos of the problems, so you’ll know exactly what leak concerns your roof may have, safely from the comfort of your computer. Call Roofrepair.link now and you’ll see why we are the top roofing repair, replacement and inspection company in the entire Connecticut area.

East Hartford is a town in Hartford County, Connecticut, US, located at 41.780291\-72.618014, with ZIP code(s) 6108. If you are looking for companies in industrial roofing, you will find proper top 100 companies in East Hartford, CT, who work with repair epdm skillion.

Basic Maintenance

It’s a good idea to keep a monthly roofing maintenance schedule plan in place to prevent minor problems from turning into huge roofing disasters. Roof leaks regularly occur due to neglect and poor maintenance. If you keep an eye on your roofing problems and make sure you keep up with the following tasks regularly, you can easily prevent many of the calamities that befall an asphalt shingle roof and that make an early roof replacement necessary. Look for the following roofing troubles today and deal with them now to prevent future roofing problems later.

If your roof is leaking, it’s going to be more than just a big mess leaks are left alone unabated. Use these tips for finding roof leaks and stop them now before they have a chance to become a more costly roof repair project down the road.