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Smith-Built Metal Building & Supplies
  • Address:6945 Albany Hwy, Dawson, GA 39842, USA
  • Phone: +1 229-698-5000
  • Zip Code:39842
5 reviews
Universal Roofing & Construction
  • Address:3840 W Lee St Lot 10, Dawson, GA 39842, USA
  • Phone: +1 229-886-6394
  • Zip Code:39842
No reviews
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Roof Leaks can Be Deadly

Once these toxic byproducts of a roof leak are allowed to continue unabated, the entire roofing structure, attic insulation, air conditioning/heating ducts and ceiling/wall/floor materials may need to be replaced to prevent serious health problems that can occur when the toxic fungi and mold spores are released into the indoor air system of your Dawson home or business. Black mold has been well documented to cause many serious respiratory problems in both asthmatic and healthy people’s lungs. If you notice black mold in your attic, ceiling or walls after a roof leak, vacate the structure and have repairs made right away.

When a roof leak happens, you can bet that it’s going to do more than just leave a stain on your ceiling and carpet. Roof leaks allow water to enter attic spaces, instantly ruining insulation R-value, destroying most building materials that get in its way and worst of all-create wood rotting fungus, musty mildew and dangerous black mold within just a few days. That’s why it can’t be stressed enough that once a roof leak starts, it’s imperative that you repair the damages right away before more serious problems have a chance to occur. But more often than not, it’s too late once a roof leak starts to prevent trouble from brewing behind walls and in hidden attic locations. So what do you do to keep roof leaks from happening to your Dawson home or business in the first place?

Keeping your roof in tip top condition now can prevent costly roof repair problems from happening in the future. But when repairs are inevitable, you’ll need to use these tips and techniques to ensure your roof repairs last for years to come.

Dawson is a town in Terrell County, Georgia, US, located at 31.773333\-84.446667, with ZIP code(s) 39842. If you are looking for companies in home roofing, you will find proper reputable companies in Dawson, GA, who work with inspection asphalt sawtooth.

Getting the Most out of Your Emergency Roof Repair

With over 40 years of leak repair, roofing inspections and roof replacement experience, same day services guaranteed and six consecutive years as the nation’s leading roofing repair service for Sears/Diamond Exteriors, you can be sure that we have what it takes to get your roofing troubles solved without a hitch. Don’t let small roof leaks become a total roof replacement project overnight. Call us today and you’ll be sure to get the most out of your roof inspection, repair project or complete replacement—guaranteed.