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  • Country: USA
  • State: New Jersey
  • City: Palmyra
  • Address: 701 W 5th St, Palmyra, NJ 08065, USA
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Jared McLain

Fire employees for symptoms of heat stroke

John McGinnis

They have done roofing for me and I would highly recommend them. If their driving is bad CALL THE POLICE. I'm sure the owner who pays for the insurance doesn't want them driving like that

Ally Kessler

Never used your service but one of your drivers was so reckless on 76 today. I looked up your company and saw another review that said the same thing so had to share.

Cody Carr-Olschewski

Just by the looks of their driving on Route 206 in Columbus, I would NEVER use this company or recommend it to anyone. Between the tailgating and aggressive driving, I am seriously surprised that this driver did not cause an accident. They had to rush around my car that had my wife and children in it just to get right in front of me. Don't worry we got their license plate and are reporting it to the state. Have fun dealing with that.

Benjamin Sharapoff

Disclaimer: Haven't used the company, but their drivers are downright dangerous. I was driving down Rt. 54 today and was almost run off the road by one of their trucks. Beforehand the truck was driving very erratically, at times completely in the shoulder of the road. When the road opened up to two lanes by the Expressway on-ramps, I passed, legally and safely, so as not to be near the truck. Well, the driver didn't like that, because as we approached the merge where the roads came back together he sped up, basically racing me to the merge and trying to get around me again. I was almost run completely off the road by this guy. To top it off, there were two very young kids in the truck. I can't recommend a company with drivers that risk the lives of others and don't seem to care, especially since this is not the first situation, as other reviews have noted.

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