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  • Country: USA
  • State: Alabama
  • City: Millbrook
  • Address: 2560 N Cobb Loop Rd, Millbrook, AL 36054, USA
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Shannon Amerson

By far the most unprofessional people I’ve ever seen they came out to do work on my roof at 7am didn’t knock or let me know they would be there then when they left at 5 pm they left their trailer hitch and materials all over my front yard blocking my vehicle in my garage when I called them the guy laughed at me asking me when did I get him of course I responded by telling him that I had been home all day then he asked me what happened to the man I had living their a month ago (my kids father by the way who I am divorced from) I was appalled and asked him what that had to do with him removing his equipment from blocking my garage but the way he asked me that really scared me being a single mother with two small babies an hour later I had my kids dad call hoping maybe a guys voice would make a difference still no one came when I asked him to call again the man answered and hung up in his face so I called and he hung up in my face to! Even my overnight maintenance man from the company I rent my house from said they ignored his calls I called the police which I was told unfortunately they couldn’t really do anything unless this guy harassed me so the next morning my kids dad called me to tell me they had called him back at 1:30 am but of course he didn’t answer because he goes to work at 6am every morning but I did remember hearing loud racket around that time of the morning so I looked outside and apparently they came back in the middle of the night to remove everything I wouldn’t suggest them to anyone!! Never have I dealt with such rude unprofessional people!

amber till

High priced

Kevin Ishee

Waste of time. They called me and scheduled a time to show up. They never showed up. No call and they won't answer me.

Jason Norris

Great work and they do it fast!

Jeremy Baker

About 6 years ago Tino's put a roof on my home. They did a really jacked up job. The valleys were incorrect, the edges were not properly completed, and they didn't even replace my ridge caps. They basically called me a liar until I provided before pictures. I was away on a military deployment so my wife, against my better judgment, paid them the balance due on the roof job even though they hadn't completed the job. Steer clear of this incompetent company.

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