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  • Country: USA
  • State: Florida
  • City: Fort Myers
  • Address: 5802 Corporation Cir, Fort Myers, FL 33905, USA
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  • Monday: Open 24 hours
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5 Review(s)
Patricia Andriolo-Bull

They do not stand by their service and do not return phone calls. Poor customer service! They replaced by roof less than a year ago. My insurance company said there is a slipped tile. I have called them numerous times and finally received a call back. They said since the roof permit was closed and the roof was fine then it's not their problem. I was even willing to pay for them to fix the tile and they said they'd have to call me back. 8 days have gone by. Again, no call. Today I called again. The woman that answers the phone told me I was not a priority and she can't guarantee that I would get a call back. Wow!

Carl Knobloch

I have some hurricane damage on my roof. I first called on September 12 in an effort to be in line for repairs.I understand that roofing companies are working like a one-armed baseball player. Today's follow-up call gave me more information: estimates are now being scheduled for late January. They are still fielding 300 calls a day. Did the scheduled estimates all call on the second day after the hurricane? And are they still scheduling estimates from before Sep 12? I finally got through and had an estimate done. The estimate was very detailed with photographs. The repairs were done New Years' eve. I am very pleased with Crown Roofing's professionalism. The report was very detailed and included items my building inspector missed. I still give only 4 stars because I had to be the squeaky wheel to get the job done. Next hurricane, I will call Crown first before I get the shutters down.

Joe Dirt

POOR WORKMANSHIP, POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! All they know is how to send you a bill!! AVOID THESE PEOPLE!! I needed a new roof after hurricane Irma. Crown Roofing started off ok but ended with a nightmare. First of all, they used the wrong ridge tile supports. The tiles don’t lay correctly, they sit up very high compared to the surrounding field tiles. I mentioned this to them repeatedly, they tell me it’s all done to code. That might be true but it’s absolutely not industry standard. Second, after the job was done I ended up with a significant leak. Water damage was appearing in my living room ceiling. First they said it wasn’t leaking and water must have entered during the roof tear off. When the water damage grew larger they admitted it was leaking. Crown repaired the leak that they caused on the otherwise brand new roof...a leak that wasn’t there before they started. Then they were completely unable to repair the water damage to the interior drywall. They sent out 2 different contractors over a 6 week period, neither of which knew what the hell they were doing. After they patched and painted, the stains returned. After MANY MONTHS I called in my own contractor who was able to fix the damage that Crown Roofing caused, plus the mold that formed in the attic. All along they keep sending bills for final payment. I submitted my invoices for the repair work my contractor did and they refused to deduct the total amount from the balance. I was threatened with a lien being put on my house if I refused to pay the amount they demanded. So now I have a new roof with a huge patch on it and ridge cap tiles that sit too high and look wrong. Bad workmanship, leaks, inability to fix water damage and poor customer service. I’ve discussed the issues with them multiple times over the last few months. They are completely unwilling to address them and my concerns are answered with threats of a lien.

Chelsea Fernandez

Husband went to apply, reception was very nice and helpful

v triplett

We called Crown immediately after buying our home three years ago, to repair an existing leak. They were punctual, professional, with top notch customer service. And then after Irma we had extensive damage. They worked hard to work us into schedules, took care of us quickly, and were more than fair. Everyone we worked with was conscientious, and professional. They returned when they said they would, they called when they said they would, and they honored their word. Old fashioned customer service you just don't find anymore.

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