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  • City: Orlando
  • Address: 504 N Hudson St, Orlando, FL 32835, USA
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5 Review(s)
Shannon Carter

I cannot even express how grateful I am for all that Calloway roofing, especially Raul, has done for us. We had a terrible experience with another roofing company where their error caused severe water damage to the indoor portion of the home and excessive mold which required remediation. We were evacuated from our home for two months since the home was deemed unsafe to live in. We had called Calloway roofing to inspect what we thought was a minor issue with the roof. Raul came to our house and evaluated the entire roof, taking 95 pictures identifying every problem with the roof. He then spent 45 minutes with me explaining insurance, liability, warranties, reviewing our contract with the previous roofing company, and the proper way of constructing a roof versus how ours was completed. I was completely devastated when I was told we needed an entirely new roof. I thought we were almost finished with that company, and there was only a minor issue. He then provided guidance on the steps to take to hold the previous company liable for the replacement of the roof.This involved multiple days with several communications in order for me to completely understand what was required of me. He was my cheerleader throughout the entire process, and we ultimately were able to hold the previous roofing company liable for replacement of the entire roof. Calloway roofing received no payment for their expertise and time because they were not doing the repair to the roof themselves. It is hard to find a company with enough integrity that will help you without some financial gain. We would have hired them in a heartbeat had we had the option to have a new company replace the faulty roof. Their assistance, patience, and kindness was a godsend during what seemed to be a hopeless situation.


Knowledge Transfer LLC has Calloway Roofing as a preferred vendor customer. Drew invested heavily in the necessary systems to effectively service each new customer: from the time they sign up, through the proper servicing of each file-job, to the final build and installation of the roofing system, including interiors and exteriors. These are registered roofs by the way, meaning they are certified matching roofing systems that carry up to 600 month warranties—built to code and with the necessary line items the roof requires. In our surveying of customers for Calloway we find that the 5-month training roof inspectors go through far exceeds the average 2-6 weeks others receive in the industry. The fact that the company is a certified CCC Roofing Contractor and a CBC Building Contractor and a storm restoration specialist, enables it to take the trade in a better direction—restoring roofs and everything else damaged along the way; or as Drew often says, "...its not about the roof, its about the storm."

Barney Surgeson

Kenny was great helped us through the entire roofing process. Took almost 6 months to fight with insurance but he got it done . Roof came out great . They did a free roof inspection at first and ended up getting my roof replaced through insurance and all it cost was my deductible !

Claudette Bodnar

Calloway Roofing is an awesome company to work with. The job went exactly the way they said it would. They have the best customer service and follow up calls to keep you posted throughout the process. They did a great reroof job in one day. I now have a registered roof, a warranty direct with the major manufacturer as well as Calloway's. A few days later new gutters and drain pipes were installed. Final inspection completed today by Brevard County. The owner, Drew Calloway, is also helping me out with a fence permit that was never finalized by a fence contractor back in 2013. This is above and beyond and most generous of this company and their time. Don't hesitate to call on them. Best contractor firm I have ever worked with. My insurance Company has worked with them over the years with no complaints. Thank you Raul, Eden, Angie, Pricilla, and of course, Drew!

Justin Goodchild

I had never filed a claim with my insurance company prior to this and I’m happy that I did. Raul with Calloway roofing has made the entire process simple and worry free. Had some disputes between the insurance company but Calloway handled everything and always kept me up to date. In the middle of the process, we decided to put our house up for sale and requested that they move the construction sooner and Calloway responded promptly and quickly. I will continue to use and recommend Calloway roofing for all my future roofing needs! Thank you Calloway and all your workers for the hard work! Relationship with their customers is priority on their list!

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